"Nothing short of delightful, and at any given time"

...is how I describe myself. How I come across is entirely up to you.

I'm a writer. I am the author of the creative expressions you'll find on this website. Some are exact, some poetic, some are silly, some profound... and discerning which is which is entirely up to you.

I was born on May 16, 1966 and grew up in Laguna Beach, California, an obese child with a lateral lisp (just like Sylvester the Cat). I graduated from University of Southern California where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French, the easiest way I could find to drink my way through college (I haven't had a drink since April 19, 1998 and, no, I can't seem to shut up about it). My heart belongs to a man named Petie and a dog named Ringo. I'll bet if I was someone else I would envy me, and sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

I live in Glendale, California.